Guide to Coping tips of Lost items

Welcome to the guide for Lost item Process Flow

Please note that any item lost will be kept for 7 days at each institution (or immediately), then the unclaimed list item will be heading to
the Lost and Found Center of KNPA.

Lost112 will make great effort find your lost item as fast as possible.

Guide to lost credit card

Report your missing credit card to the card issuer as soon as you found out the card is lost.
Most card protects you when your fraudulent charges are made with your lost or stolen credit card. If unauthorized charges are made with your credit card, the maximum
amount you can be liable for is 20,000 won. However, it’s important to report your card issuer since the payment is subject to charge according to it's regulations.

Credit Card Company
Classification Domestic Foreign
Lotte Card 1588-8100 02-2050-2145
BC Card 1588-4000 02-500-3176
Samsung Card 1588-8700 02-2172-7080
Shinhan Card 1544-7000 02-6950-1540
Woori Card 1588-9955 0505-001-8788
Hana SK Card 1599-1155 02-6399-3899
Hyundai Card 1577-6000 02-2167-6700
KB Kookmin Card 1588-1688 02-6936-2238
10 Things to do with your credit card
  1. Sign your own autograph on the back on your new card as soon as you receive it. The card issuer cannot be liable for the victim who lost the card even for
    the card fraud by a third party.
  2. Write down the essential information (card number and card issuer's phone number) separately.
  3. Avoid the use of a password as certificate of residence number, telephone number, license plate number.
  4. Use your card only for yourself. Lending card to others is like lending cash to them as an upper limit of the card.
  5. Used for the card other than specified purposes may make you listed as a credit delinquent. Lending loan using cards may crucial to affect your credit rating adversely.
  6. In calculating, present the card in person and must confirm sales receipts.
  7. Keep your password safely. In case of an cash advance service accident by password leaked, you cannot be compensated even if your card is lost/stolen. Keep your password safely.
  8. Avoid the long-overdue. Note that unusual and long overdue credit may affect you to be designated as a delinquent borrower.
  9. Contact your card issuer for the customer requisition when your bill does not arrive at the settlement date.
  10. Sales slip receipt (for members) must be kept until the bills on the card arrived and check the the bills and use is as proof if there are significant differences in the bills.